POWER_ENABLE_MOCI# behavior on Reset

We have a design that supports the Apalis TK1 and hope to be migrating to iMX8. The Carrier design guide makes a statement regarding POWER_ENABLE_MOCI# behavior upon module reset, stating that some SOMs will de-assert the signal when reset and others do not. We learned that the TK1 is one of the SOMs that do, details per the following link to another forum question that had been answered long ago. Reset behavior not per Apalis Design guide - Toradex Community
This is not detailed in the TK1 datasheet and we had to learn of the behavior and its timing characteristics through the forum query.
I am now looking at the iMX8 Apalis datasheet, which does not have any statement regarding POWER_ENABLE_MOCI#. Does this module behave per the reset timing diagram Fig. 59 in the Carrier design guide, or does it pulse the signal similarly to the TK1? If the latter case, is the pulse timing the same or longer? If longer, we will have to adjust the pulse masking circuit we implemented on our carrier so that a module reset does not shut down the main power.

I can confirm that POWER_ENABLE_MOCI always stay HIGH on Apalis iMX8 module during SW or HW reset.

Thank you for confirming this important characteristic. I would not have normally asked but the TK1 caught us by surprise. The statement in the Carrier Design Guide just preceding Fig 59 lacks the emphasis it deserves and should be expanded with more definite information i.e.: “Consult the POWER_ENABLE_MOCI description of the respective SOM datasheet to determine if a power cycle is initiated, and for the relative timing of the signal if this is the case.”