Power consumption imx6 solo


We are using a colibri imx6 solo 256mb processor for our Dashboard and we are trying to reduce power consumption because we are using our Dashboard for an electrical vehicle and the consumption without program launched on WEC2013 is 230mA, is it possible to reduce this consumption which is pretty big for automotive application.
We already try to disable some drivers, but no result.

Thanks for your help.

Currently our WinCE image is not using DVFS feature of the cores, and this may lead to higher power consumption and temperatures. This should improve when an image with DVFS support will be released.
Usually, clocks for specific devices are activated when the driver is loaded, but many of the integrated devices will not use much power anyway if you are not actively using them.
Are you using 3D acceleration? You may try to disable it and this may reduce power consumption a bit.
Are you using the IT version or the non-IT one?

Thanks for the answer, can you tell me how to disable 3d acceleration ?
What is the IT version ?

IT = Industrial Temperature
You can check this on the label with the QR code that has also the full product name.
The IT version can run from -40 to +85C (non-IT range is 0-70C) and the CPU runs at a lower speed, requiring less power.
To disable the 2d/3D acceleration you need to add this key to the registry (to not load the 2D/*D GPU driver):


Ok disabling 3D acceleration changes nothing.

on the label, it is written : Colibri imx6s 256MB, V1.0A, 04868341.

But for our application, we will have to use the IT version.

IT version should run at 800Mhz, so it should use slightly less power.
We are currently working on power consumption and this should be part of our 1.3 images and 1.3b4 beta release.
I’ll update you as soon as we have something available for testing.