Possible for Uboot to auto flash from USB (Colibri T30)

I would like to be able to flash my device in the field without having to use microSD or the serial console. Easily accessible on my device are the Recovery Mode button, microUSB port and normal USB (Type A). These design choices were made when Toradex supported flashing the entire system via microUSB while in Recovery Mode. Now that this option has been removed from the update.sh script, I must physically disassemble our devices to get to the serial port and microSD card.

I am wondering if it’s possible to have a uBoot script that could look for a USB storage device and automatically flash from USB.

I should also mention that we have several other buttons connected to GPIO lines, so if uBoot can read those (as suggested on this page) then this would also be an option. User would insert USB stick containing update, hold down a two buttons and power on. uBoot would detect the buttons and initiate a flash from USB stick.

One may really do anything as possibilities are rather endless. You could have a bootcmd which checks for something upon every boot be it the existence of a certain file on e.g. a USB stick or a GPIO being pulled. Another approach is initiating the update from within Linux using the fw-utils allowing access to the U-Boot environment from Linux user space.