Port conflict for moses

I am trying to run VScode extension on Linux mint, but i keep getting the following error.

"The terminal process “/home/fahad/.vscode/extensions/toradex.torizon-early-access-1.6.5/moses-linux/moses ‘–port’, ‘5000’” terminated with exit code: 255.

it seems like there is a port conflict for port 5000, both moses and docker-registry use the same port.

how do i change port for moses.

Hi @fahads ,

One possible cause for this error message could be due to OpenSSL 1.1 not being installed on the system. Can you try downloading and installing libssl1.1:

wget http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/o/openssl/libssl1.1_1.1.1f-1ubuntu2.16_amd64.deb
sudo apt install ./libssl1.1_1.1.1f-1ubuntu2.16_amd64.deb

After running the commands above check if the VSCode extension runs correctly.

Best regards,
Lucas Akira