PMIC PF0100 Library


Is there documentation of the power architecture of the iMX6 SOM? I would like to query the voltage of all rails on the PMIC (PF0100) periodically and verify that they are all within nominal range. What are all of the voltage rails supplied by the PF0100, what do they supply, and is there a library from Toradex which would accelerate my development in this area?



You can interface with the PMIC using I2C. Using our I2C libraries (2.1 or newer) you can open I2C9 to access the on-board devices and then use address 0x08 to read the PMIC registers.
On the other side you can read only the configured voltages, the PMIC itself is not able to measure its output voltages.
If you can provide us a “big picture” description of what you are trying to do by monitoring those voltages we may provide an alternative solution.