Platform upload using SDHC0

Currently SDHC1 is used for Platform upload. Can we use SDHC0 instead of SDHC1 to upload the platform since we are using SDHC1 for serial communication(RX, TX)?

Dear Sarika

Do I understand it correctly? Please confirm:

  1. You reassigned the standard UART Rx/Tx pins (SODIMM pins 33/35) which are showing the debug output and is used for Eboot bootloader interaction.
    ** In your configuration they are on SODIMM pin 18/19, which are usually used for the SD card interface.
    ** Your SD card socket is not connected to the default SD card pins (SODIMM 176,178,180,184,186,188,190), but to different pins featuring the VF50’s SDHC0 interface.
  2. You would like to flash the image using the flashimage command from the bootloader.
    ** For this purpose the bootloader would need to access the other SDcard interface SDHC0.

If my guesses above are correct, I’m afraid the answer is no. Eboot does only support flashing the image and bootloader from the default SDcard interface.

Regards, Andy