Pinyin input method on WEC2013


I have to use Microsoft PinYin IME (for chinese, Japanese…) but I am not able to see this input method in “Regional and languages Setting” on WEC2013 BSP.

Do you have a way to add it ?


Hi @Blachere ,

There is not support for Chinese input methods in our standard image.

You need to either build your own image or create a patch (add the needed files needed for PinYin IME).
For both options you will need Platform Builder.

Another alternative would be to get a custom image from our china support team.
I will tell them to contact you about this.

Unfortunately we don’t have platform builder license, is it possible to create a patch for us ?

Do you have any update or package available to add support in Toradex standard BSP ?
Or did you get support from your china support team.
Thanks you for your help