Perf missing Tracepoint events

perf list does not display any [Tracepoint events]. I pulled the config from my board and it looks like the option controlling these, CONFIG_FTRACE, is disabled. Is my only option to rebuild the kernel with that configuration enabled?

If so, the image version table in the current build instructions list “defconfig” as the Kernel configuration. Can you elaborate on which defconfig that is?


Yes, you will have to rebuild the kernel if you need additional kernel options. If that helps with perf tracepoint I do not know though.

arm64 uses only one defconfig which is called defconfig. So it really is:

make defconfig


I am trying to understand which defconfig I need to modify. Since you mentioned arm64, does that mean my modifications should be made in /arch/arm64/configs/defconfig?


Yes, you need to change this file.

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