PenMount PM1310 PCI controller board driver for Yocto Dunfell


Hopefully this topic has its place here. This is our first project on Yocto and we have never used a Toradex product until now. Here is my question.

We are looking for a specific I²C driver for the PM1310 PCI controller board, a touch panel controller made by PenMount. The driver has to run on Yocto LTS 3.1 (we intend to run it on the Ixora Evaluation Board with iMX6, at least for now). We have already asked PenMount to provide us with the source code of the Linux driver (which is available for integration, according to the documentation). We would like to know if this driver has already been modified to run on the Ixora Evaluation Board with Yocto Dunfell. Indeed, it seems that a modification of the driver is necessary to make it work on the evaluation board.

Also, is this driver available on Torizon ?

The device hosting the controller board is a LCD display from Kyocera.

Greetings @Alsem,

In the 5.4 Linux kernel we use with our Dunfell-based images the only PenMount device drivers I found were for CONFIG_HID_PENMOUNT and CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_PENMOUNT. The first driver is for the " PenMount 6000 touch controller" and the second is for “Penmount serial touchscreen”. So it seems neither is what you’re looking for. Therefore it seems you have to work with the driver provided by the vendor for Linux. Also for clarification Torizon is based on Yocto Dunfell as well currently.

Just some things to keep in mind when receiving the driver from PenMount. Make sure they give you the driver meant for the “armhf” architecture in case this matters. Also it would help to ask what version of the Linux Kernel the driver was based on. As this might also mean additional modification will need to be done if the driver was not meant to be integrated into a 5.4 version kernel that we ship with Dunfell.

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