PCA9555 I2C I/O Expander under Linux

I want to use the PCA9555 I2C I/O expander under Linux.

I try to configure the Linux kernel for PCA9555 support (pca953x driver), but the option “Device drivers->GPIO Support” is missing.

Where did you get kernel sources from?
Which modules are you using?

I get the kernel from Toradex with git, following the document Build Linux

Image: V2.6

Kernel git branch: toradex_imx_3.14.52_1.1.0_ga

Module: Colibri iMX6.

Can you share commands and outputs you’ve used to setup toolchain and kernel?

# download kernel
$ git clone -b toradex_imx_3.14.52_1.1.0_ga git://git.toradex.com/linux-toradex.git
# run script to set environment & check vars ARCH/PATH
$ source ./environment_arm.sh
$ echo $ARCH
$ echo $PATH
# change dir name 
$ mv linux-toradex kernel-linux-toradex-3_14_52
$ cd kernel-linux-toradex-3_14_52
$ make nconfig

nconfig shows lots of options to configure the linux kernel, but the option “Device Drivers->GPIO Support” is missing.

you’re missing:

make colibri_imx6_defconfig

you are right, thank you.