OS image Update fail on Colibri IMX6DL

Hi~. I’m using Colibri IMX6DL Modules and built a customized Wince8.0(WEC2013) OS image with BSP V1.0.
I tried to update OS image with Update Tool which is in BSP V1.0 and then tried to reboot.
I faced that Colibri Module doesn’t boot up with some boot message like under.

System readey!
Preparing for download…
Loading compressed image…
Reading image from sector 40962.
Extracting 37736292 bytes from compressed image of 23691945 bytes
Error extracting data 8011e0d8 - 51238 - 80220000.
ERROR: Failed to load OS image from SD/MMC
INFO: OEMReportError Reason 0xfffffffa

How can I fix it?? Please, let me know…

You can try to flash your image using the flashloader command from the bootloader command line.
We discovered some issues with updatetool in 1.0 release and we are working to fix them in 1.1 release.

When are you gonna release BSP V1.1?

We don’t have a release date yet, but it should be around end of Q2