Openssl insuffient cpu

i am trying to decrypt a large package (180MB) with openssl service
when my package is below 150MB approximately everything goes right but when the package size increase about 180MB it says “672 Killed openssl smime -decrypt -binary -in MyPackage.tar.enc -inform DER -out MyPackage.tar -inkey EncPrivate.pem -passin pass:$EncPass”
i have searched a lot about this and i realized that it could be because of insufficient CPU or ram
is there any way to fix it??

i am using :
Colibri imx6dl V1.1A
iris carrier board
linux BSP 2.8b7

appreciate your support…

Hi @me_ahani98 , you can check the memory usage by top or htop during openssl smime -decrypt -binary -in MyPackage.tar.enc -inform DER -out MyPackage.tar -inkey EncPrivate.pem -passin pass:$EncPass if there is any free memory.

hi dear @benjamin.tx
i checked this and when my ram usage is around the maximum level this event will be occoured.
is there any way to limit ram usage to stop this issue??
or any other way
thanks a for support

Hi @me_ahani98 , is it feasible to split MyPackage.tar into several smaller packages and encrypt each one?

hi Mr @benjamin.tx
wish you great weekend

unfortunately it’s not possible for me
is not any other way??

Hi @me_ahani98 , sorry I am not an expert in cipher algorithm and don’t know if any algorithm exists supporting decrypting large file chunk-by-chunk.