Old WINCE BSP Support on VF50

From Colibri VF50 128MB IT V1.2B’s PCN, it is said that − WinCE: The new NAND flash device reports a different product ID and device name. The Toradex
WinCE BSP checks the product ID and therefore requires a BSP update. The following BSP
version provides support for the new flash. Customers are required to update their BSPs

  • WinCE: BSP V1.5

Does this mean only V1.5 and later WINCE BSP can be supported on Colibri VF50 128MB IT V1.2B and customer must upgrade to V1.5 ?

Yes we had to change driver implementation. It was not possible to only change driver but part of OAL code had to be changed. That is why update is the only option.

okay, thanks.