Offline update lockbox location

Can lockbox for offline update be placed on Windows PC located at the same network as colibri IMX8X module? If so, how provide its path to actualizr?
In offline update article mentioned that lockbox could be located on USB memory stick or SD card: * An appropriate update medium (USB or SD Card drive)*

Greetings @Serghey,

The only requirement is that the file-path to the Lockbox be accessible on the device running TorizonCore. This is most easily done with a USB or SD card which can be then be mounted into the TorizonCore filesystem.

For your case if you could mount the Lockbox over network to the TorizonCore device it should in theory work the same. However keep in mind we haven’t tested this use case, meaning there may be unforeseen issues as we haven’t specifically designed for this. Typically this could be achieved via mounting it as a NFS or something similar. However I imagine care must be taken between sharing files between a Windows and Linux machine since the filesystems are inherently different.

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Thank you, Jeremias.
Will try.