Not booting


just a question. We have noticed that sometimes our systems do not boot after a power up. This happens very rarely.

In issue 57544 you mentioned that “Reading of large contiguous blocks from SD/eMMC may return incorrect data. This issue happens when a large number of sectors is retrieved in a single read operation”

Can this happen also while booting ?

We have updated 2 systems to 1.6b2 and it did not happen again, but before updating the systems in field we would like to know whether we are heading the right direction.

Thank you!

Dear @Frax222

The issue 57544 did only affect reads from the flash filesystem. So if “system does not boot” refers to the OS itself, the updated OS image would not explain an improvement.
But if the non-boot could be in your application (e.g. while loading the .NET framework), then there’s a clear improvement in V1.6b2.

It would help to get the debug messages from a non-booting system, but I guess you don’t have them.

Regards, Andy