Not booting from sd-card on Colibri Evaluation Board v3.2b

Hi Technical Team,

I am working on Colibri Evaluation Board v3.2b with Colibri imx8QXP 2GB WT IT V1.0 A.
Facing issue with this board is not booting through sd-card. Using same sd-card it’s working iris board but colibri-evaluation board not boot with sd-card. There is any external setting with board required. Please help me this issue.

Thanks and Regarding

Hi @Ajay ,

For SD card, make sure these jumpers are connected
X11.21 MM_DAT_0
X11.23 MM_DAT_1
X11.24 MM_DAT_2
X11.25 MM_DAT_3.

You can check whether SD card is getting accessed by typing the foll command inside the u-boot

ls mmc 1

Also, the version you are using is an old version which is not supported further. Please read the PCN here.

Hi Sahil,
Thanks for reply.
Issue is solved.
I want use resistive touch Display 7" Parallel to colibri evaluation board(X34 pins).Which pins
need to connection is required for resistive touch display.?(X2 pins have 30 pins and X3 have 24 pins on colibri-imx8x module but on colibri evalution board X6 have 24 pins).Please help me Regarding this issue.

Thanks and Regarding

Colibri iMX8X resistive touch interface are provided through X1(SODIMM) connector pins 14,16,18 and 20. Neither X2 nor X3 have touch interface signals. Please check chapter 5.20 Touch Panel Interface of Colibri MX8X datasheet for details. Colibri Evaluation Board X34 connector can be used to directly connect one of the Toradex resistive screens. Touch, RGB and power signals are routed from Colibri X1 pin to that X34 connector. Please check the Colibri Evaluation board schematic for details.