Non Docker application

I’ve been evaluation Dock on a the Verdin SOM and remote programing and Docker is a layer of complexity that my application does not need. With in the Toradex arsenals I’d like to know if there is a Torizon with out docker. This is what I’m looking for:

  1. simple Linux OS with a graphical user interface
  2. I’ll be using Crank Storyboard, so has to be compatible
  3. No Docker
  4. BSP lib like the gpiod
  5. Remote programing. C/C++ So, can the Torizon extention for VS code work with out Docker on the Verdin SOM.

I see Toradex Embedded Demo with LXDE. This might be what I am looking for if it support the BSP lib and I can remote into it

The Torizon’s primary component is TorizonCore: a minimal embedded Linux image featuring, among other essential services, a container runtime. So there is no such thing as a “Torizon with out docker” does exist.
The Torizon is designed to be used by customers who do not want to deal with custom Linux builds. They can use pre-built containers like Debian, Crank, QT etc.

From other hand you can build your own custom image using Yocto framework. You can add any required components like Crank, LXDE etc to our reference image and exclude components you don’t need. Then you can use a VS code to cross-compile for ARM.



Greetings @jeffbelz,

In addition to what Alex has said. Torizon is built on top of our Yocto reference BSP. The only difference being how one develops their system/application.

For a pure-Yocto approach without Docker this will require some knowledge. Our reference images are just that, simply a reference. Therefore, it’s unlikely our reference images will contain all the libraries and other packages that you need out of the box. Meaning you’ll need to customize your own image as Alex said.

With all that said how familiar, or what is your experience with using the Yocto/Openembedded build framework?

Best Regards,