No screen HDMI outpt, no ethernet signal

I did the following:

  1. Comnnect power ethernet keyboard+mouse
  2. Run step1,2,3,4 - all is OK
  3. Reboot the board
  4. board leds are on no HDMI no ethernet

Could you please specify what you did on that steps or provide links to them?

The steps i did was following Toradex Quickstart, i fail after step 6:
alt text

I download the “TorizonCore with evaluation containers”, get IP address,
bring up the putty - no answer
reboot the boiard - no ethernet blank screen

it looks like the PMIC on board not working after download otherwize the Ethernet leds blinked

see snapshot of the board
alt text

HI Alex,
Sorry I forget to ntroduce my activity, I am from Hailo company, the project is to integrate our AI solution in your SOM, hopefully both companies will have buiseness together,
Thanks for your answer, I embedded my answers


Could you connect Ixora debug UART to your pc and collect logs there?

link text

attached terminal output

That does not look like valid console output. Can you try capturing the same when running the Toradex Easy Installer via USB recovery again?