No qmake2 after qt4e-demo-image SDK populated

I compiled the qt4e-demo-image using BSP V2.6.1 following instructions on OpenEmbedded (core) and How to set up Qt Creator to cross compile for embedded Linux. After deploying SDK there is no qmake2 needed to compile Qt4.8 application. I have setup local.conf file with MACHINE ?= “colibri-imx6” and added ACCEPT_FSL_EULA = “1”. I also tried adding Qt5 layer using instruction under “Adding the Qt5 Layer” but with no success. Is there some recipy that have to be added to get qmake?

With 2.6.1 there is no need to add meta-qt5 layer explicitly. It is included by default. If you want to use Qt 4.8 that layer is not required. What is the output of

find /usr/local/oecore-x86_64/ -name "*qmake*"

Did you build meta-toolchain-qte?

There is no output.
I will check if meta-toolchain-qte is included.

Which SDK did you build?

I used bitbake -c populate_sdk qt4e-demo-image, bitbake -k meta-toolchain-qte solved my problem. Thank you.