No DVI-I output from Colibri Evaluation Board with iMX8QXP


I get no output from the DVI-I connector on the evaluation board. Did I understand right from manual, that I have to connect an additional 24pin ffc cable between the iMX8QXP module and the evaluation board x6? Manual mentioned this with iMX6.

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Instead of the 24 pin ffc cable, you could use this adapter( DSI to HDMI Display Adapter)
to be connected between the Module and the Carrier board:

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Just to make sure, I could use that adapter or I must use that adapter? Just ffc cable is not enough? Getting the DSI to HDMI adapter between the colibri iMX8 and the colibri evaluation board is the only way to get output from the DVI-I connector on the evaluation board?

Out-of-the-box the Colibri iMX8X only provides parallel RGB which is converted to VGA by a RAMDAC on the Colibri Evaluation Board. The 24-pin FFC allows either LVDS or MIPI-DSI usage which requires a custom adapter/cable or the aforementioned DSI to HDMI adapter. The later is really the only way to get the DVI connector to output anything, sorry.