No adress assigned (Ethernet, Toradex Easy Installer)

we are having problems setting up the ethernet connection with the Toradex easy installer. It displays “no address assigned”. The network cannot be identified on the PC either (see Ethernet image). Ethernet 3 forwards the Internet to Ethernet. DHCP is activated.

Hi @billi1234 !

Have you enabled the internet-facing adapter to share internet with the module’s facing adapter?

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Hi @henrique.tx
Yes i have.

Ok… then to debug a little bit, have you tried replacing the module with another computer/notebook just to be sure that another device is able to get internet from the “internet provider” computer?

we tried this a minute before your answer. Unfortunately it does not work. Which DHCP server do you use ? Our hostpc runs on Windows

I have only Linux on my computer here.

Have you tried bridging?

Hi @henrique.tx
so we used another DHCP Server.
With that it will work. Thanks for your help!

Hi @billi1234!