New link to download Arm cross-compilation toolchain

In some KBs (as an example this one) there is a link where to download Arm cross-compilation toolchain.
At the moment (March, 2022) this points to this.
Unfortunately, this is the old link (no more updated).
The new one is the this (no more /gnu-rm/ in the path) but it contains only the latest release.
It has a link to the preivois page for the old versions.

Not sure if you want to update the links in the KBs.

documentation problem
it’s hard to keep everything up-to-date
look in google

Hi @vix !

Thanks for pointing that :slight_smile:

But to refer to a newer toolchain, we would need to validate it with the tutorial in the article. And the toolchain used in the article is still available for download in that (old) link:


And, as @MariusM correctly commented, it is hard to keep every article up-to-date.

But of course, you can certainly test newer toolchains and it should work. If it doesn’t work, please let us know :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Hi @henrique.tx
I perfectly agree to you.
The only think that I would modify is the text on the KB page because it says

Download the latest Arm cross-compilation toolchain from the official website and extract it

But it’s not the latest anymore :wink:

I highly appreciate the quality of Toradex documentation.

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Hi @vix !

We removed the “latest” from the article.

Thanks a lot for helping us to maintain the documentation :smiley:

Best regards,