New GPIOLib can't find processor

I am getting the following error when trying to use the v1.6.3123 libraries:

ERROR: GPIOLib: This processor is not
supported (procID: ffffffff)

I’m running CE 6 v1.3 beta 4.

Is there somewhere I need to tell the GPIO lib what processor?

Here is my code:

**m_u32BitRef = uMask;
m_uPin.Type = ioColibriPin;
m_uPin.ColibriPin.Nr = uMask;

// Configure the pin to act as GPIO (as opposed to an Alternate function)
Gpio_ConfigureAsGpio(g_hGpio, m_uPin);
if ( iobdBitDir == io_output )
Gpio_SetDir(g_hGpio, m_uPin, ioOutput);
Gpio_SetLevel(g_hGpio, m_uPin, m_bActiveHigh ? ioLow : ioHigh);
m_u32CurrentState = m_bActiveHigh;
Gpio_SetDir(g_hGpio, m_uPin, ioInput);

It is working now using the VF61 v1.2 build. It appears that the v1.3 Beta 4 build is not compatible with the updated TdxAllLibrariesDll.

Thanks for this information. I will look into this.

Is this all the code? I dont see you calling Init and Open.
So far this is the only report of this issue. Does it also happens if you run our GPIO demo application?