Network Manager support for CDC_ETHER modem devices

Hello all,

I am working on the IMX7 with torizon to configure the cellular modem Cinterion PLS62-W. This modem provides 3 CDC_ACM and 2 CDC_ETHER interfaces.

I am able to establish a connection manually using the mmcli simple-connect command. Although in this case I require to run dhclient on one of the CDC_ETHER interface otherwise the connection fails.

Now I want to use the Network manager to manage this interface but I am facing some issues. I use nmcli con add command to add a connection for the CDC_ACM interface. I see in the network manager logs that the device is detected and connection attempt is made but it fails always.

I believe this happens because the network manager would not start dhclient on the cdc_ether interface.

I also tried by updating the NetworkManager.conf to add the device and connection for the CDC_ETHER interface with connection method set to auto but I see that the NetworkManager never uses this connection and does not perform any automatic dhcp requests on the device.

Also in nmcli dev I am not able to see the usb0 and usb1 CDC_ETHER devices.

Any suggestion to identify the issues would be very helpful.


Hi @gauravks

I managed to get my Sierra Wireless MC7700 working with NetworkManager in Torizon with no issues. Unlike your card, mine only seems to have a single CDC_WDM interface.

Can you share the exact commands and outputs that you used in troubleshooting this?