.NET application may fail starting


We have experienced that a .NET application using Windows Form may fail when started. We have a shortcut to it in the AutoRun folder and it happen that the application dont run after boot up.
We made the application reboot after 20 s. After 100 or 200 restarts, the application was not running.

We can see that the application does get started, but as soon the Windows Forms are iinitiated the complete process is terminated. No excpetion windows or other indication that is has been terminated.

We “fixed” it by making a small loader program (without forms) doing the launch of the main application. In case the exe file does not run after some time, it is started again.

This is informational only to other WEC2013 and .NET uses that may have same issues.

We are using the latest WEC2013 image and latest .NET CF.