Need install ubuntu os in apalis imx8

hai we need install any version on Apalis IMX8 board.we have another issue in Toradex Easy Installer for ethernet show No address can i config the network.

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To install Ubuntu or any other OS on your Apalis iMX8 board using the Toradex Easy Installer, and to address the issue of “No address assigned” for Ethernet, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure Network Configuration for DHCP: Verify that your network is correctly configured to provide an IP address via DHCP. The Toradex Easy Installer uses DHCP to obtain network configuration, including IP address, DNS server, and default gateway. If your network setup is correct but the issue persists, proceed to the next step.

  2. Force a New DHCP Request: To force the Easy Installer to request a new IP address from the DHCP server, disconnect and then reconnect the Ethernet cable connected to your board. This action prompts the Easy Installer to initiate a new DHCP request.

  3. Manual Network Configuration (If Needed): If automatic DHCP configuration fails and you cannot obtain an IP address, you might need to configure the network settings manually. Currently, the Toradex Easy Installer primarily relies on DHCP for network configuration, and manual configuration might require advanced steps not directly supported through the installer’s GUI. For specific scenarios requiring manual network configuration, consider consulting the network management documentation for Embedded Linux on the Apalis iMX8.

  4. Installing Ubuntu:

    • Online Installation: If you manage to resolve the network issue and have internet access, you can use the online installation method. The Toradex Easy Installer will list available images, including partner demo images and possibly Ubuntu images provided by Toradex or third parties.
    • Offline Installation: If online installation is not an option, you can prepare an SD card or USB flash drive with the Ubuntu image suitable for the Apalis iMX8. You will need to find an Ubuntu image compatible with the Apalis iMX8, or you can build one using tools like the Yocto Project. Once you have the image, follow the offline installation method by inserting the media into the board. The Easy Installer should recognize the image and allow you to proceed with the installation.

Please note that while Toradex provides extensive support for Embedded Linux through Torizon and its Linux BSPs, specific instructions for installing third-party operating systems like Ubuntu might require consulting resources specific to those systems or the broader community for images compatible with the Apalis iMX8.

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how to configure Network DHCP in Toradex Easy Installer 6.6.0

Hi @Athikamesh,

With Toradex easy installer by default ethernet is in dhcp mode. When you connect ethernet port to router, this should get a valid ip address.

To better understand what you are trying please share exact steps and logs on debug uart.

Below are the reference article to refer to further check details

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Thank you Ritesh. when i start the carrier board to recovery mode and load the easy installer via OTG to host computer. Installer flash on Memory and run the show the network information Ethernet port is No Address Assigned. USB NCM show the ip address. How can i config my DCHP In manually because my office network is not support automatic obtain Ip. Can you help me to how can i config my network address in easy installer or carrier board.

Hi @Athikamesh,

I hope you are able to proceed after online discussion.
Please feel free to write/post if you face any issue.

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