Need a WEC 2013 Workspace that includes the .Net framework


I tried the WEC2013 Workspace Example (V1.0) and modified and included the .Net framework in the Platform Builder. The Build generated NK.bin (84,616 Kb). I renamed it to nk8.nbx and using UpdateTool_ce8.exe updated the OS image with the new one. I am not sure if this is the correct way to make an image with .Net framework.

I started the VSTD 2013 and deployed my project and got “.Net NF Initialization Error” same as using the OS image V1.0 without .Net CF which is provided on your site.

Could you please let me know the correct process to build an image (using platform builder) with .NET CF 3.9 so that I can customize my build.


I looked into our roadmap, there is an issue with image 1.0 and .NET framework. We will release 1.1beta2 soon that will fix this. If you need preliminary version please contact support over email: Toradex - Customer Support

and reference this thread.