NandRead failed in Colibri T20

Hello all,

While booting the device i’m getting NandRead failed error. And I’m unable to access any USB ports, so can’t move forward to recovery mode. Please check the attached image and help me to recover from this error.




Dear @Arun,

Could you please share detailed steps of what all are you tried on the module? Maybe too large image or mismatched version would produce this error.

At any time, if you use to try to program latest stable or beta release image through T20 recovery mode then it will reflash the entire module and module will be back to life. Did you try that?

We recommend to use 2.2 or 2.2b4. Please let us know which version of bootloader and WinCE image release version you programmed on the module? These details you can get it using the update tool or debug message.

Did you build a custom image using Binary BSP and Workspace and that you are trying to program on the module?

Hi @raja.tx ,
Thanks for your support. I brought up the board by using recovery mode.