My emmc boot device has wrong mapping/numbering

When i build my BSP based on 3.0B4, the system builds fine and i can flash, start and run my system.
I realized that my one and only mmc device wich is of course the apalis emmc is named mmcblk2 and thus the boot and root partitions mmcblk2p1 and mmcblk2p2 respectively. I would expect the name mmcblk0.
Where does this naming/mapping comes from and where can i adjust this. the problem is, that the resizefs-service expects emmc and root partition on /dev/mmcblk0 and fails all the time. i could of course adapt the resizefs script to the current name mmcblk2, but im not happy with this.

That mapping comes from the IP silicon instantiation order in the driver but should not really matter. Various Linux kernel versions especially downstream ones might have this differently. However, e.g. using the partition GUID as modern distributions like our latest BSPs do should work around this. What exactly is the issue with it for you?

Hi marcel,
many thanks for your reply.
For now the only issue is with the resizefs service that relay on a root partition on mmcblk0 dev.
I saw a lot of log error entries from the resizefs script. And i dont know if there are other tools services that expect root and/or boot partition on /dev/mmcblk0. the other point is that i really would like to understand where does this change came from. in earlier images that i build, the mmcblk0 dev was associated to my emmc and i have no idea what i did so that this changed to mmcblk2???

Are you using the Toradex Easy Installer for installation? If so the resize script is no longer needed. If still using the legacy installation procedure I admit adjustments might be required. We since stopped using legacy as well as this resizing.