Multiple analog to digital converters and Apelis TK1

For my project, I need to sample 9 different analog inputs (25kHz/12 Bit each) .I’m going to use 3 ADCs each with 3 inputs.
Is it possible to connect 3 different analog to digital converters to three SPI ports of the board Apalis TK1 in combination with Ixora Carrier Board or any other Toradex single board computer?

Yes it’s possible, but since only 2 out of 3 spi ports are apalis standard ones they’re not all on ixora. Our Eval board breaks out most of the pins to pinheaders, but I recommend fabricating custom carrier board more suited for your application. You can try using less SPI ports with multiple CS pins per port but you’ll need to verify if you can achieve required speed that way.