Mouse cursor is not displayed on Totalcross

Hello everyone. I am new to Linux. Please help me with your knowledge.

I’m trying to run a Totalcross program on Toradex’s imx7.
When I deploy and run the program I created, the mouse cursor does not appear.
(The cursor is displayed without any problem in weston)

My environment is as follows.

HostPC Windows10 + VSCode
ToradexBoard colibri imx7-emmc-1GB + iris
OS Toradex Linux Refarence-Multimedia-Image-upstream 5.3.0+build.10
TotalcrossSDK 7.1.0

Similar to the program I made, the mouse cursor is not displayed in the genuine Totalcross sample program below.

Thank you for your kindness.

I will report that some of the problems have been resolved.
I was running Totalcross on the next version of Linux.

Toradex Embedded Refarence-Multimedia-Image-upstream 5.3.0+build.10

I changed it to the next version.

Toradex Linux Refarence-Multimedia-Image 5.0.0+build.1

Then the mouse cursor was displayed on the program of Totalcross.
By the way, the following version was useless.

Toradex Linux Refarence-Multimedia-Image 5.0.0+build.3

5.0.0 build1 seems to implement X11.
It seems that wayland is implemented after 5.0.0 build3.
The imx7 I’m using doesn’t have a GPU and it’s related to X11, wayland
I think it has something to do with this issue.

Please continue to ask for your help.

Hi @mxi02532 ! Sorry for the delay. Thanks for posting in our community and for posting your feedback.

Can you confirm the version were this worked? Was it Toradex Embedded Refarence-Multimedia-Image-upstream 5.3.0+build.10?

Thank you for your reply.

Toradex Embedded Refarence-Multimedia-Image-upstream 5.3.0+build.10
I will post a photo just after installing Linux with the above image.

Immediately after installing the image, the mouse cursor will also be displayed. I can also click.
After that, if I install the genuine sample program of Totalcross below
The picture will look like the one below.

Since the mouse cursor is not displayed, I cannot operate the slider switch at the bottom of the screen.
Toradex Linux Refarence-Multimedia-Image 5.0.0 + build.1
When executed with the above image, the mouse cursor is displayed and you can operate the buttons and sliders.

The current situation is as follows. Thank you.

Dear @mxi02532 , sorry for the late reply.

Is this correct?

OK: Toradex Refarence-Multimedia-Image 5.0.0 + build.1
NG: Toradex Refarence-Multimedia-Image-upstream 5.3.0+build.10

I think this could be an issue with the upstream image. Could you check on the latest non-upstream image? This could be an issue with the mainline drivers.

Kind regards,

Thank you for your reply.

As you told me
Toradex Embedded Linux Reference Multimedia Image 5.3.0 + build.10 (2021-07-06)

I tested it in the above environment, but unfortunately the mouse cursor did not appear.
It’s not UPSTREAM.

Thank you.

Understood, thanks for trying - I’ve contacted the TotalCross team, and hopefully they could help us solve the issue. Please wait a little longer.

Dear @mxi02532 , I’m very sorry for the late reply. We have contacted the TotalCross team a couple of times but it seems their support team is currently overloaded.

Is this issue currently affecting the rest of your development? We will ping the TotalCross team again in any case. Thank you for your patience.

Kind regards,

Dear @ alvaro.tx

Thank you for your reply.

Totalcross is a great platform. We also understand that the support team is overloaded with the expectations of many users.

My development is tentatively made up of Toradex Refarence-Multimedia-Image 5.0.0 + build.1.

I will continue to search for the cause.

Thank you very much.