Mouse and Keyboards are not getting detected on the Colibri imx8 board

We have procured Colibri Carrier Board & Colibri i.MX8 SOM module from Toradex and having below queries.

  1. We started interconnecting the Carrier board and i.MX 8 SOM module.
    We have got 2 FFC cables with SOM modules, but none of them is not properly fitting in the SOM side as there is no clip in the SOM module.
    However, we are able to connect temporarily. Is this FFC connection mandatory ? if yes, why this clip is missing at SO side?

  2. After that, we connected the power supply, VGA and Mouse and Keyboard.

  3. Then, we have powered on, we have got the Easy Installer screen on boot-up.
    But, unable to proceed further as ETHERNET and mouse are not working.?
    Below is the screen shot, please guide
    alt text

Actually FFC connectors on module have clips. Cold you post high quality picture of FFC connectors on your module?

However you don’t need them to install an OS. The X2 connector is for LVDS/MIPI DSI. The X3 connector is for camera. It’s described in module datasheet. Please check this article for board setup.