Mouse and keyboard not working for the easy installer

I tried to install a new image for our newly received iMX7S. There is just a slight issue because the mouse and keyboard are not working in the easy installer. We could install it now with the touch pad, but it is a bit inconvenient

Mouse, keyboard and evaluation board are working. I checked it with a imX7D board and it worked without any problems.

Checked versions are:

  • colibri-imx7_toradexeasyinstaller_1.3-20171201
  • colibri-imx7_toradexeasyinstaller_1.7-20180731

The problem seems to be more the chip itself than the toradex easy installer. It has just one usb-otg port that is already used to load the toradex easy installer.

Please note that that one and only USB OTG port may be used in host mode after loading the Toradex Easy Installer plus using a USB hub you may plug in a keyboard, mouse and optionally a USB memory stick to load the image to be installed off of.