Mounting files to a container that include commas

Hi @drew.tx and team,

You recommended using the following as ways to read the device information:


Of course I need to map these into my container and it seemed better not to mount the whole device-tree directory. However, the run command uses commas to separate parameters and I cannot figure out how to map the above devices as the commas in the filename break the command.

I have resolved the issue by creating a symbolic link, which is a reasonable solution but it is a pain to modify Torizon for something like this. Do these files need commas in the names? Could they just be removed?

All suggestions very welcome.



Hi @edwaugh I’m not sure what command you are issuing that uses commas. I am able to run the following:

$ docker run -v /proc/device-tree/toradex,board-rev:/tmp/board-rev debian:bullseye cat /tmp/board-rev

Note that I did not map it into /proc/devicetree since that is actually a symlink on the host so it makes it more complicated.

Can you share the specific command you are trying to run?


Hi Drew,

Thanks for your response, actually I didn’t try it from the command line just from the extension. I used the same target as source and when I change the target to be something without a comma it seems to work fine:

Hi @edwaugh

I reported this back to the dev team and they will take a look. Details are here.

In the meantime, you should be able to create the volume specification of the individual file as long as the container-side name does not contain the comma. The host side of the volume can contain that character.