Motor driver


I want to drive 12 motor with different RPM using apalis iMX8, is that possible.

Yes, in general, it is possible. Could you provide more details about your use case and motors you are going to use?

I want to operated BLDC motor application can be ROBOTIC ARM

How exactly do you want to operate them? Just be able independently switch each motor ON and OFF ?

Yes, I want to operate all motors independently, Is there any hardware module available for that which is inbuilt in controller

You can control motors by changing state of apalis iMX8 GPIO lines. A GPIO lines should be connected to motor drivers. There are lots of ready to use modules for that purpose but we need to know parameters of your motors to recommend something particular.

It is 3 phase BLDC motor, working frequency > 10Khz, in your last comment you told GPIO lines can be use to drive motor.

Is that dedicate for motor driving or I have to do toggling it for same.

Can you please share technical parameter how can I use GPIO lines for driving motor.

BLDC motor is a very wide term. Which exactly model or models you are considering?

I am going to use Six Step Inverter Topology –Full Wave Mode

If you have any other better mode you can also suggest it.

I still don’t understand what exactly your are trying to build. Do you want just to do high level control of 12 motors using ready to use existing motor driver board or you going to implement a motor driver board and directly manipulate MOSFETs using Apalis iMX8? And at any case which exactly motor model you are considering to use?

I want to use existing motor driver board

Which existing motor driver board are you talking about?

I do’t have any Idea about existing driver, if you have any you can suggest me.

if apalis iMX8 do’t support we are ready to switch to other module also.

Different motor models require different drivers. Could you give an example of BLDC motors suitable for your project?

I will develop hardware driver with my own, you please confirm name of inter module available in controller to process.

If not possible we can switch to Servo motors also.

Different BLDC motors require different modules. So we can’t recommend any until you tell us which motor are you going to use.

you suggest any one of them, I will take it further.

Is this one OK?

Yes, can you please help me how can I drive it.


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