Missing Torizoncore image without containers

For the Apalis MX8QM module only the Torizon image with the preexisting containers seems to be available in TEZI.
i have tried removing the pre existing containers (weston, weston app, portainer) but it seems to reinstall itself after reboot of system even after removing the image using the docker image rm command

i was wondering how can these pre existing containers be removed and the docker images be permanently removed as well.

You can download TorizonCore image tar file with no containers here Then unpack it to SD card or USB stick and insert Ixora running TEZI. Or you can enable “Toradex Continuous Integration Server” feed at TEZI and flash latest “TorizonCore” build directly form our server.

Greetings @nkj!

You can also stop the containers from auto-starting by removing the docker-compose.yml file that’s on /var/sota/storage/docker-compose/ like this:

$ sudo rm -rf /var/sota/storage/docker-compose/docker-compose.yml

Then restart the board. After that you can remove the remaining images with docker image rm.