'Missing Toradex config block' on brand-new boards


We recently bought some TK1 modules and all boards state that there is no Toradex config block. Because of that all boards have the same default MAC address…
Are new modules supposed to be shipped without config block? This would be an issue for our production team…

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@qojote, Modules are supposed to be shipped with config block. We found an issue with our programing scripts which lead to certain modules without config block programmed. The issue is documented in our errata document, Errata #6:
In this document we also mention how to program the config block. Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you are able to fix the issue with the information provided.
By the way, we re-programmed all modules which were affected which were still in our warehouses and also improved our programming scripts. You won’t receive such modules anymore.

Is this problem also present on Colibri IMX6S V1.1A modules? We just received some new modules and they are missing their config blocks.

Is this problem also present on Colibri IMX6S V1.1A modules

Not that we are aware of.

We just received some new modules and they are missing their config blocks.

Could you share some of their serial numbers so we can check the production test log files?

Did you observe this with them modules running stock software as shipped?

What exact version was this?

Could you post textual console output of the exact issue happening?

Serial numbers:

  • 05097364
  • 05097416
  • 05097331
  • 05097418

I noticed this because our update scripts that works via TFTP doesn’t work because the ethaddr is not set in the bootloader.

I have added the log of the bootloader starting and the environment variables in the attached text file. Directly posting it here destroyed the layout.

link text


The modules left Toradex without a config block.

I found the reason for this in the combination of a new eMMC on the IT modules with an increased boot partition together with the update to boot from said boot partition.

Workarounds would be

  • using the U-Boot command ‘cfgblock create’ command

  • using the Toradex Easy Installer to install anything, even the Toradex Easy Installer itself

  • copy the config block to its correct position with U-Boot

    mmc dev 0 1
    mmc read $loadaddr 1fff 1
    mmc write $loadaddr 7fff 1


If Colibri modules also suffer from this error, please do update the Colibri Errata document (https://docs.toradex.com/103380-colibri-imx6-errata.pdf) with the serial numbers like that one for Apalis TK1 (Errata #6: Missing Config Block Data)

Thanks for your input. We will forward this to our quality assurance team who will take it further and decide on it.
By the way, you should have received an email with more information about this issue as we send an information email out to all customers which were affected by this issue. Can you confirm you received this email? It was sent to the email address which was used when ordering products.

yes, we did receive an eMail on Sept.1st. It says you shipped 10pcs of Colibri iMX6DL 512MB IT V1.1A with wrong config block to our company.