Missing apalis-imx6.conf from meta-toradex/conf/machine directory

I’m following Brandon’s video on “Building Embedded Linux Images. . .part 2”. He suggests making a …/conf/machine directory and placing a copy of the apalix-imx6.conf (he uses colibri-imx6.conf) file from …/meta-toradex/conf/machine for modification. I don’t have any imx-6 conf files in my directory which was built using yocto from the current LinuxImageV2.6. All I have is:

apalis-t30.conf colibri-imx7.conf colibri-t20.conf colibri-vf.conf
apalis-tk1.conf colibri-pxa.conf colibri-t30.conf

I want to make sure I get the right file as this is my first time through this process. Did my initial build go wrong? Can you help?


We submitted the i.MX 6 based machine configuration to the community bsp and removed the machine configurations from meta-toradex.

So you find the file in stuff/meta-fsl-arm-extra/conf/machine.


Thanks Max, found one there but wanted to make sure.