MIPI-DSI display on apalis imx6


On my custom carrier board it’ll be used a MIPI-DSI display. I have seen this question but it seems outdated to me.

  1. Do I still need to tweak the device tree in order to get it done, or will vidargs suffice now?
  2. Is there a driver available in 4.9 or backporting still required?
  3. In our UBoot version, is there support for MIPI-DSI?

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Hi Joao

Note that we do not plan to bring up the MIPI-DSI interface here at Toradex, please see our roadmap.
There is also some documentation in the Linux Documentation Bundle, i.MX_Linux_Reference_Manual.pdf.

  1. In my understanding Brandon’s answer is still valid.

  2. I don’t think you ever had to backport. What you needed to do is to write a driver for your specific panel, Brandon points to the panel driver NXP is using with their boards as a base.

  3. There is no MIPI-DSI support for i.MX6 in our U-Boot.

Note that NXP has a patch on their community for their U-Boot which may or may not help if you try to implement this.


Hi Max,

Thank you for the clarifications and insights.

I just have 1 question now: If i change the device tree to use the DSI instead of LDB, what will happen to my vidargs that still points to ldb? I assume I have to change it accordingly right?

About the driver, I reached that conclusion too in the meantime. I’ll enable it and modify it if needed (probably the display parameters are the things that will need attention).

Thanks about the tip on UBoot, ill see what they have.


As I understand the kernel cmdline takes precedence over the device-tree. So if you assign a driver to a framebuffer device on the cmdline that will overwrite whatever you set in the device tree.
Assuming you are using mxcfb0 I would NOT put “video=mxcfb0:dev…” on the kernel cmdline and set everything from the device-tree.

Thanks max, that’s what I needed to know.