Minimum voltage for USB_1_VBUS pin


For the USB_1_VBUS pin, it is said in the iMX8M-Plus datasheet that it is a 5V input pin. In the verdin carrier board design guide, it said that it is 5V tolerant.

I need to know the minimum voltage that will be interpreted as logic-one on this pin. Is it 1.8V?

Thank you.

Greetings, @Fide!

I would say that since this is a VBUS, USB-related pin, it should be a 5V input pin and I would consider the usual threshold of 2.5V for the logic levels.
To make sure, I’m trying to get access to the iMX8MP reference manual so I can come up with a proper answer and get back to you.

The iMX8MP USB_1_VBUS is in 3.3V domain. According to iMX8MP spec - minimal USBx_VBUS is 1.34V But Verdin module has a 56K/30K divider on that circuit to make it 5V tolerant. So logic-one level on Verdin USB_1_VBUS X1 pin should be above 2.06V to meet a spec.