Migrate application development from VS2005 to VS2008

I am trying to migrate my MFC application from VS2005 (CE6 SDK) to VS2008(CE7 SDK).
I already built a successfully WCE7 image with the application previously built on VS2005(using the old .exe and the new platform builder for WCE7 I built the nk.bin), but now I want to upgrade my development environment to VS2008. I tried opening the same project and VS2008 prompted me to do an upgrade which I did. After that was done, “Toradex_CE700” was not showing in the available configurations, so I added it manually but now I get include errors (C1083). I already tried reinstalling the SDK because I thought the directories weren’t properly set but that didn’t help.

Is there an easy way to migrate the app development to VS2008?

Hi @DeasLab ,

I know there are issues installing VS2005 and VS2008 side by side on the same machine and also different versions of Platform builder plugins don’t make it easier.
But maybe you issus is much simpler… if the SDK is installed properly it should reference to the right include folders.
Can you provide more exact output to the error? Where is the compiler looking for the include files and where are they actually located?
Alos: you can check what paths VS is using by going to Tools->Options, Projects and Solution, VC++ Directories, select “Toradex_CE700” platform and “Include files”

Did you also try to create a new project? Sometimes the upgrade wizard does strange things.
Did you try to open some Toradex provided sample projects (like libraries)?

Greetings @germano.tx ,
I managed to install everything on a Windows 10 machine, reinstalled the SDK and manually setup everything needed on VS2008 and now it’s compiling everything correctly.

My only issue now is that WMDC isn’t supported by Win10, so I can’t use the same method to debug my application on the Colibri Eval Board.
Will this method (Application Debugging Over Ethernet Using Visual Studio) work under Win10? If so I will try to set things up to debug the application over ethernet.

Update 20/10/2021.
I tried to deploy my application after successfully connecting to the device but it didn’t work, the error message states “The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.” but I don’t know what it’s referring to.

Any solution for the VS2008 error “The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.” while trying to deploy after ethernet connection is correctly established? (VF61 with WCE7)

Impossibility to deploy needs to be solved asap.

Hi @DeasLab ,

Mobile Device Centre works on Windows 10 as well.
Here is how you can enable it. On you Windows PC, go to services and look for

  1. Windows Mobile-2003-based device connectivity
  2. Windows Mobile-based device connectivity

Right Click → Properties → Log On

  1. Restart both the services and start mobile device centre.