Meta-toradex-demos: Purpose of files/library under recipes-images


I am creating my custom image (based on the excellent videos you have published) and learning my way around Yocto.

For the meta-toradex-demo images, there is a couple of toradex-specific files to help deployment under recipes-images/images/files/colibri-imx7, which is symlinked into my own directory as in the video. However, there is also a files/library-folder, which contains several files.

What is the purpose of this folder? I can’t find any references to it in the build-system.


I guess you are talking about the following. Those are just more generic such Toradex specific files aiding deployment/update either applicable to all or specific to just imx6 or tegra based modules. Please note that those files are specific to our legacy update procedure as documented e.g. here and nowadays we suggest you using the Toradex Easy Installer instead.

Thanks! Then I will not symlink them into my own meta-layers.

I didn’t realise the scripts was now considered legacy. I opened up a new questions about non GUI-use here Toradex Easy Installer without GUI - Technical Support - Toradex Community instead of asking in this thread.

You are very welcome.