Memory error for nvgstplayer

One customer is using Colibri T30 with V2.5beta3 Linux playing video.

nvgstplayer -u conf_file --loop-forever 

The conf_file is


After running for long time, there is an error.

    Err:Should not be here
                   (nvgstplayer:467): GLib-ERROR **: …/glib-2.0/1_2.42.1-r0/glib-2.42.1/glib/gmem.c:103: failed to allocate 1566720 bytes

Is it the error from glib or nvgstplayer ?

Good question. Have you tried the same with our latest V2.6 beta 1 BSP?

While we are not aware of any further issues with gstreamer 0.10 on T30 please note that NVIDIA’s proprietary nvgstplayer application is just meant for evaluation purpose and is not recommended for production use.

Could you please provide the two avi files used for testing?

Could you please provide the full target output captured during the whole test run?

The customer use mp4 file for test. Here it is. The second video is just soft link to first one.
The full log is