Maximum image size

Can you please tell me how large an image is allowed to be.

The figures in Flash Layout iMX6 - Technical Support - Toradex Community would allow (196608-40962)*512 which is abour 75MB.

I ask because my old image was below 70MB and did work. Then I created a new one which is above 80MB.
After updating the system still worked. But then I rebooted and cleared registry (with C in bootloader menu). After that the sysem did no longer boot, I did not get any bootloader messages. I had to do a hardware recovery.

Here’s the right information:

Maximum size for image in flash is around 110MB, for compressed images this depends on the contents, but should be even more.
Currently image size in config.bib is 98MB (this is uncompressed).

  • Are you using a compressed image or a
    non-compressed one?
  • How did you write the image to your device?
  • After writing it you have no output on the serial port at all? Not even from bootloader?
  • The image is non-compressed.

  • With update tool

  • Not immediately. The first boot was ok. Then I booted again and cleared registry in bootloader with C. Then I booted again and since then I have no output on the serial port at all, not even from bootloader.

I am well below 110MB and also below 98 MB. So maybe there is a different reason for this.I will retry next week.

Thanks for the moment.

Ok, if you can provide us a step-by-step way to reproduce the issue that would be very useful when trying to fix it.

Hello Valter,

I did the test from beginning: I made a new image. The sidze of it was 67.761kB.
I used your eboot . Everything was o.k.

Then I added video player in catalog (see pbxml_diff).
I made a new image. The size is now 80.203kB

As before I updated with UpdateTool_CE7.

The first time I reboot after updating I see that flashdisk does no longer contain files.

If I reboot a second time the bootloader now says launching image at 10200000 but the system seems not start. Display stays off.

dbg.serial is no longer set. Even if I set it again I do not get the usual boot texts.

If there is a private channel available I can upload the images or even the workspaces however I do not want to uplad this in public.

Kind regards

To recover the module you need to put your nk.nbx file in the root folder of an sd card that is formatted as FAT.
Then you can try to run:

flashimage 0 nk.nbx

commands from the bootloader console.
This should allocate the right size for your image.

Hello Valter,

at the moment it is working. I could update to an image of 75MByte.

In my earlier trials after doing a hardware recovery I started with easy installer and tezi 1.3 and then with updatetool_ce7 I updated image and bootloader.

This morning I started with easy installer and tezi 1.4b2 and then updated image and bootloader.

On the other hand I noticed that the usb stick that I used to install images was corrupted.

Anyway thank you for your help and I will keep in mind your suggestion flashimage 0 nk.nbx preparefs

Kind regards