Max GPIO Input current

Verdin iMX8MM Mini Quad 2GB IT
I want to pull-up the I2C signals to 3.3V
What is the maximum current allowed into/out of the I2C pins.
As I understand NVCC_I2C is connected to 1.8Vdc

As you mentioned the IO voltage is set to 1.8V on the module. There are ESD protection diodes in the IO pin which are forward conducting, if the voltage at the I2C signals get higher than 2.1V. This means there will be backfeeding. When the module is running and the 1.8V rail is turned on, the I2C lines cannot really go higher than 2.1V. So, even if you adds pull-up to 3.3V, the signals will stay at 2.1V. However that the internal ESD protection diodes can get destroyed.
So you should not pull up the I2C signals to 3.3V. A simple FET level shifter will do the job