Max Baud Rate Ixora + Apalis T30 + WinCe 2013

What’s the max baud rate for an Ixora Carrier Board with Apalis T30 and WinCe 2013?

The driver/receiver on Ixora carrier board (SN65C3243DBR) can go up to 1 Mbit/s (1Mbaud), but when I set this baud rate I get an error. I guess WinCE 2013 is limits the baud rate?

There are customers successfully transmitting at up to 3MBaud, there’s no hard limit. However, there are restrictions e.g. on the precision of the baud rate, because it is derived from a fixed clock source.

What kind of error do you observe

  1. Any function call returning an error code?
  2. Measuring an incorrect baud rate?
  3. Transmission errors, like lost data bytes?

Please provide also a code snippet to show what exactly you tried to do.

Had a bug in the application. I can reach 3Mbit/s under WinCE 2013 with .NET. At least I can open a com port, but didn’t tested or measured it yet. Thank you.