Mass Storage Device over USB query


With a view to looking ahead to WEC 2013 because of the removal of ActiveSync (but also keeping compatibility with WinCE 7.0).

To allow transfer of files between T30 and external laptop.

If the USB is reconfigured as a Mass_Storage_class (

If the Mass_Storage_class is used to expose the SD-CARD, then can the SC-CARD also be seen from within a T30 application.

If not, is there a way to dynamically mount/unmount the SD-CARD from the Mass_Storage_Class, i.e. to allow it to be dynamically switched between internal access and external access?

Is it possible to expose only part of an SD-CARD (e.g. for example keep one half of the SD Card for internal access, one half that can be swapped between internal/external access)?

You could try to do two partitions on a device. As far as I know only one is mounted in case you want to use it for mass storage device. The second one could be used for internal access.

For dynamic switching, you may could play around with the with the USB Cable Detect GPIO pin and controll it over software (see also here: or dynamicly load / unload drivers.