Map_OALPAtoVA fails to map registers with WORD offset

Sample code

// Watchdog Service Register (WDOG_WSR)
// Address: 0h base + 2h offset = 2h
WORD * pWDOG_WSR = (WORD *)Map_OALPAtoVA(0x4003E002, FALSE);

in this case Map_OALPAtoVA returns a pointer to 0x4003E000 register (WDOG_WCR).

With Kind Regards
G. Scotti

We have also seen the same issue but so far we are not able to solve it. It seems to be only issue with some registers. Special WDT.

This is why we implemented WDT in image and will be released with next version of Libraries.

To explain this a bit more. MapMemLib can map registers with WORD offset. But seems that there are some registers that do not work and crash the system.