Mallow carrier board and imx8m plus SOM


We having a technical query about the mallow carrier board and verdin IMX8M plus SoM.

After powering up the below combination of carrier board and SOM, whether Toradex Easy Installer will load automatically providing an option to choose suitable Torizon OS image compatible with Mallow Carrier Board (with Verdin iMX8 Plus)?

(P.S. We had previously purchased Colibri Evaluation Board with Colibri iMX7D and it was super easy to get the board up and running on power up)

All Verdin SOMs are shipped with the Toradex Easy Installer pre-installed. Thus, when you power on a Mallow board with a new Verdin iMX8M Plus SOM, the Toradex Easy Installer will boot automatically. However, it’s important to note that the Toradex Easy Installer is configured to use a DSI to HDMI adapter as the primary display output for its GUI. Since the Mallow board does not include such an adapter, you will not see the GUI on an HDMI display connected to the Mallow HDMI port.
As a workaround, the GUI can be accessed via VNC, either over Ethernet (the IP address will depend on your DHCP server) or via a USB Device virtual Ethernet link (RNDIS) at IP Alternatively, you can automatically install an image from a USB stick or SD card by setting the autoinstall property in the image.json file. Please refer to this article for more details. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that the Mallow carrier board is a low-cost option designed for volume production and may not be the best fit for software development purposes. If you require a carrier board for software development, please consider more feature-rich options like the Dahlia or Verdin Development Board