Malformed section header: [output]

Here’s a good one. I’m modifying the weston.ini to rotate my screen 90 degrees
I made my own weston.ini and volume bind to the /etc/xdg/weston folder. I confirmed that when the docker container starts it has my weston.ini file. When I run the container I get a malformed section header: [output]. I’m running the container with compose.yml also attached.
Any ideas?

docker-compose.arm64.yml (1.9 KB)

weston.ini (275 Bytes)

Greetings @jeffbelz,

This was a bit of a weird issue but I think I have an idea what’s going on.

For simplicity I just tested with the Weston container only. First I took your weston.ini file as is and tried to use it. On my initial test Weston was not rotated and I saw the same malformed section header: [output] message in the logs as you did.

After several more attempts I edited the weston.ini by first completely removing the entire [output] section. I then added the [output] section again, by typing it in manually rather than copy and paste. But the contents of this section are exactly the same as you provided.

Strangely enough this then worked. Weston was rotated and there was no malformed section header: [output] message in the logs.

As for my guess why re-typing the section worked. My assumption is that perhaps there are hidden line ending/characters in the file that aren’t native to Linux/Unix. My guess is that you copied and pasted this weston.ini to the device rather than type it up on the device initially. The problem with this is that weston.ini files are rather finicky with line ending and non-Unix characters. Such characters are typically invisible and won’t show up on most text editors as they’re meant for encoding/format purposes. Therefore my guess is that the [output] section of your weston.ini had such a character making it invalid when Weston tries to parse it.

Best Regards,

Yep! that what it was. Thanks

Glad I could help!